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【2018 Traditional Chinese Characters Competition】


2018  Traditional Chinese Characters Competition

1. The purpose of this competition is to:

  • Promote the beauty of Chinese Characters
  • Enhance the use of Chinese Characters
  • Understand the development of Chinese Characters
  •  Motivate foreigners in learning Chinese Characters

    2. The Advisor: Ministry of Education

        The Host: National Chiayi University, Language Center, Division of Chinese as a Second Language

    3. Eligible contestants:

        1.) Foreigners who live in Taiwan and are not citizens of Taiwan, R.O.C.

        2.)Elementary school second-graders born in Taiwan before September 1st, 2018

        3.) A maximum of 15 contestants can participate from the same school

        4.) Overseas Chinese students are NOT eligible to participate in the competition

    4.Registration:Online registration is open until May 18th, 2018

    5.Maximum number of participants:

  • 120 foreigners (not including citizens of Taiwan, R.O.C.)
  • 30 Taiwanese second-grade students
    Registration will be closed when the number reaches the maximum allowed

6. The competition schedule:

  • When to register online?     16th April, 2018 ~ 18th May, 2018
  • When to compete?              2nd June, 2018; start time: 10:30am
  • Where to compete?             4th Floor, Internal Conference Hall, Building B (Xinmin Campus) National Chiayi University,   
                                                                                                        ( No. 580Xinmin Rd., Chiayi City 60054, Taiwan R.O.C.)

7. check-in:9:30-10:00 amJune 2nd, 2018

  •  Foreigners: bring your passport or residence permit
  •  Taiwanese elementary school second-graders:   bring your National Health Insurance ID card

8. Competition Rules and Guidelines

The characters for the competition will be basically chosen from 1,000 characters contained within the “Classification on Chinese 8,000 Words” list.

A phrase will be given during a short period of time in the competition. Then participants will be asked to write down the missing character in the phrase under strict time measures. Written characters must comply with the standard font regulations issued by the Ministry of Education. Participants will be eliminated immediately from the competition with any mistakes made on the Chinese characters. Subsequent phrases will be given until the final three participants remain who will be the winners of the competition.

9. Awards

   Prizes the winners will receive include:

  • First place prize:      NTD $8,000 and a prize plate
  • Second place prize: NTD $5,000 and a prize plate
  •  Third place prize:    NTD $2,000 and a prize plate

     To show our appreciation after the competition all

the contestants:

  •  Are eligible to receive a free lunch box including locally grown turkey rice
  •  May join the optional Chiayi half-day tour at their own expense if they wish

IMPORTANT: we do not accept on-site tour registration - prior booking is ESSENTIAL

  • Please book the Chiayi half-day tour online when you register.
  • The winnings are subject to 20% income tax under the R.O.C. Income Tax Law.

10. Copyright Statement
     Participants agree to grant free access and rights to video (including video stills), audio and photos
taken during the competition. 
     They will be used by the organizers for posting this event online and with the promotion of relevant courses.


  1. Participants must obey the competition rules. If participants break the rules then they risk forfeiting their right to be eligible to continue in the competition which may be terminated.
  2.  The organizers’ decision is final. Participants have no right to object.
  3. The organizers have the right to postpone or stop the completion under the unlikely event of circumstances beyond their control (natural disaster or any other unforeseen event).
  4. The organizers do not have to pay any bonuses for participants except the prizes for the top three winners.

12.Please check online for up-to-date announcements: (http://www.csl.lgc.ncyu.edu.tw) should there be any unforeseen changes for the competition.
IMPORTANT: announcements will NOT be made to individuals.  

I have read the competition rules in detail and am willing to comply with the relevant regulations.
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