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【Chinese Language and Culture Club】

【Chinese Language an Culture Club 】


u What is this club about?


The aim of this club is to promote understanding and learning of Chinese language and

culture.Local and international students are expected tohave language and cultural

exchanges by assistingeach other surmounting language obstacles. Numerous cultural

events and exciting coursesareprovided to encourage students with any speaking

proficiency to converse in Chinese with nativeChinese speakers and TAs.


       NO tuition fee is required.


u Time:

The club will be run from Oct 2nd to Dec 11th

Every Monday night from 18:00~19:45.


u Who do we want?


International students willing to improve their Chinese proficiency are welcomed.

Students who would like to have tandem partners are also appreciated.


u Location: IH 306


u How to sign up?

Try on this link:


      To sign in this club before Sept 28th.

Student fulfilling the requirements will receive a certificate at the end.


      Come join us today!

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