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    The NPUST Chinese Language Center (CLC) was established in September, 2010 and approved by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) in May, 2011, in which CLC is authorized to receive International students to registration for Mandarin learning.

    CLC is situated on the beautiful NPUST campus and provides students with an excellent and enjoyable learning environment. For students interested in learning Chinese, CLC offers a five-month General course which runs from September to January and February to June. With classes that range in size from 10 to 15 students, the course target is to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing to develop students’ overall language abilities. Emphasis is given to practical Chinese for real life situations. Additionally, classes in Chinese grammar, reading & writing, Chinese characters, and speaking training are available. Prepared by teachers individually, teaching materials give focus to contemporary and classic literary works with an added emphasis on Taiwan’s special characteristics, Chinese Culture and local folklore.

    In addition to classroom activities, outdoor events and cultural tours are organized to bring students in contact with different aspects of Chinese culture and offer leisurely enjoyment. Teaching content and methods are designed to develop students’ basic Chinese language abilities and Chinese cultural knowledge. 1040202