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●Required Documents for Registration (in English or in Chinese):


(1) A completed Application form.

(2) A copy of your passport or, if available, your Alien Resident Certificate.

(3) Transcript (authenticated by Taiwan Embassy/ Taipei Economic and Cultural Office or university)

(4) A notarized photocopy of the most recent graduate certificate /diploma.

(5) Study plan: a resume briefly tell us about your intention on learning Chinese in Taiwan. (at least 300 words)

(6) Financial Statement: showing a balance of at least US$2,500 within the past 3 months. 

    (For MOE Huayu scholarship students, please attach the application form)

(7) One recommendation letter (free format).

(8) Health certificate.

(9) Other certificates (optional) ex. English certificate/ Mandarin certificate.


Application Procedure


  (1) Download and complete the application form posted on the CLC website.

  (2) Send the application form together with the required documents listed above to the CLC by post or e-mail:clc@mail.npust.edu.tw  

  (3) After the application documents have been examined, an acceptance letter will be issued.