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Chinese is the only pictographic language in the world, each character similar to an art. Inside every concept of Chinese word consists of humanities and history. It can be said to be the most meaningful characters and language. Being artistic is one of the Chinese character specialties. Chinese Language Center will teach from the basic pronunciation, pinyin (Romanized Phonetic System), reading, etc. It will enable the students to use the four tones of Chinese words, enjoy the beauty, the shape, the tone, the structure beauty of Chinese characters and integrate with their daily life. Students can put what they have learned in classes into practice. The grammar and the vocabulary will be taught by situational language learning which could strengthen students’ memory and it will be easier to assimilate into the local’s society and culture. With the help of the community, students can learn Chinese efficiently.


Each classes range from 10 to 15 students. The target of this course is to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing, which emphasis on virtual living uses. The teaching materials are prepared by teachers which included literature, examples, contemporary and classical as major to emphasize in the Taiwan’s specialty, and Chinese culture is the combination of the student’s local folklore. With the help of the teaching content, student’s background, and application of flexible teaching methods, it will develop students’ basic literature and the virtue of culture.



Basic Mandarin Class


Intermediate Mandarin Class



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