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大崎美佳 (日本)
Hi. My name is Mika Ohsaki. I come from Hokkaido, Japan. I come NPUST to study Chinese and GIS (Geographic Information System) as exchange student from Rakuno Gakuen University.
I was surprised that Taiwanese very kindness. Many member of NPUST helped me since I arrived in here. Everybody have hospitality for foreigner.
Now I study Chinese, but it is difficult for me to speak it. Because pronunciation is very hard and complicated!!
Taiwan's food is delicious. Beside there are many kind of food in Taiwan. What a wonderful culture!! I can't eat all kind of Taiwan food in one year.
So I like Taiwan and NPUST very much. When I go back to my home, I want to familiarize my experience in Taiwan to Japan.
Thank you.
Exchange student from Japan
I did exchange with many people through this activity. Taiwan is beautiful country food is very delicious!! I love Taiwan. I want to say bottom of my heart "Thank you very much everyone for helping me and spending same time".
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