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General Course

enlightenedGeneral Course

The academic year is divided into two semesters which is based on the school’s calendar. Class duration, total hours, tuition and application deadline are as follows:


Class Duration

Total Hours


Application Deadline

Fall Semester 

Sep. ~ Jan.



August 15th

Spring Semester 

Feb. ~ Jun.



January 15th


◎Time of the Course:

Dates: Monday to Thursday

Hours: 8:10am-12:00pm 

15 hours per week , 18 weeks per semester , total of 270 hours


Tuition are paid to the school’s foundation.
Textbook fees, insurance, internet access charge are not included within the course fee.
All fees and amount listed above are subject to change. 
We reserve the right to amend the information provided without prior notice.


Karasudani Asoko [ 2018-07-03 ]

Yang Ming Chieh [ 2018-07-03 ]

Feronika Damayanti [ 2018-06-22 ]

Bushra Noor S.R.N. [ 2018-06-20 ]

Kavan Kumar [ 2018-06-20 ]

Ahn Tu Chung [ 2018-06-08 ]

【2018 TOCFL Schedule in Taiwan】
Sign up Web: http://www.sc-top.org.tw/chinese/formal_test.php


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