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enlightenedTuition Fee: NT$37,800/per semester (totally 270 hours per semester,140NTD per hour)

enlightenedTextbook Fee: NT$1,500/per semester

enlightenedDormitory Accommodation Fee: (The fee will be a kind of different in every semester. )

      NT$6,630 dormitory fee + dormitory network fee NT$499 / per person per semester charges.(not including summer and winter vacation)

enlightenedBeddingmattresspillow 、 quiltNT$1,600

enlightenedMedical & Accident Insurance FeeNT$1,000/per semester(not including summer and winter vacation)

In accordance with Taiwanese law, all international students are required to purchases medical & accident insurance.

    The CLC can assist in the purchase of such insurance during registration. 

》According to the regulations of Nation Health Insurance (NHI), foreigners residing in Taiwan and holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for more than 6 months are required to join NHI program. The premium is NT$749 per month.